Finances are not just dollars, spreadsheets, and statements.

Finances are potential. They are the foundation upon which visions are realized. They are the cord that keeps the kite tethered to the ground - allowing it to be positioned to capture the uplift to sail higher and faster than it could on its own. At least that’s how we view finances - but we know we are not everyone - and that’s why we created Richtr Financial Studio.
Richtr was founded in 2004 to help companies unleash the transformative power of their finances. When we look at a company’s financial picture, we see nuance, challenge, and opportunity - all waiting to be charted and navigated. We have remained in this business for more than a decade because, at our core, we thrive on collaborating with entrepreneurs to help them live up to their full potential as they accomplish things they didn’t think were possible.
Having worked with hundreds of clients, big and small, we've seen a myriad of financial situations, and have journeyed with these companies through trial and triumph. Running a company is risky and hard. We get it. We run one of our own. But, it can, and should, also be highly fulfilling. Our job is to help our clients arrive at a place where they can stop, take a breath, see how far they’ve come, and then attack what’s ahead with the full measure of their passion and talent.


The Richtr Approach

The Richtr Approach

client testimonials


“Richtr has the ability to see around corners that we typically don’t know exist. Their ability to go deeper than just numbers has really helped us make smart business decisions. They not only bring data to life and explain why we should think of our finances in a new light, but they also have a solid foundation of understanding outcomes in a customized approach to our agency based on our needs while never losing site of our ultimate goal.”

–John Weiss, Co-Founder + CEO at Human Design